3rd April- Subhas Sastri

declares that the 2011

Assembly Polls in West Bengal will be in favour

of Opposition led by

Smt. Mamata Bannerjee & the Ruling Coalition will be defeated

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 “ My son was unable to

concentrate and study in

school but after a visit to

Subhas Sastri things have

totally changed……….”

          - Mita Devi,Mother,    





Subhas Sastri is the first among modern astrologers who have strongly rejected the fact that wearing any kind of gems can influence changes in the life of the common man. In fact simple Tantras along with Mantras taught by Subhas Sastri can bring about significant changes in the life of people. This spiritual way of solving the problems of the people has made him popular with the masses who look upto the spiritual way of life taught and practiced by Subhas Sastri.


Today Subhas Sastri has become a house hold name with the people of Kolkata and with the vast number of his followers who visit him from far away countries like Germany, Russia, America Etc.


So if you think that you have tried all the other methods and astrolgers without achieving any sucess please come and visit the great Astrologer Subhas Sastri and see how his simple teachings make a difference in your life.


We are confident that after a session with Subhas Sastri you will start believing in the fact that Nothing is Impossible.






These three words are what the great astrologer SUBHAS SASTRI has made his motto and these are the words that the common man has started to believe after following the methods taught by Subhas Sastri. 




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