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      Subhas Sastri had predicted that a few eminent politicians would met with demise in 2008. As per his prediction the great communist politician Harkishan Singh Surjeet passed away on 1st August,2008.


      At 12:40 Pm on the 21st of July , Subhas Sastri had predicted that the Congress Led UPA alliance will win the trust vote to be held on the 22nd of July,2008. True to his words the Congress led alliance won the Trust vote.


      Subhas Sastri had predicted that 2008 would witness the rise of militant and terrorist attacks in India and the world. Accordingly we have witness a lot of tension in Eastern India and the recent terror attacks in Rajasthan, Gujurat and Karnataka and the rest of the world.


      In the 2008 Euro cup in June, Subhas Sastri had predicted on a live TV channel that Spain would win the final on the 31st of June before the finals. True to his word Spain emerged the unexpected winners.


      In West Bengal just before the 2008 Higher Secondary Examination Subhas Sastri had predicted that there would be a decrese of 2% in the pass percentage. This prediction was proved true after the results.

      Last year Subhas Sastri had predicted that a lot of destruction would be caused in India by fire and other natural calamities. True to his words a lot of damage was caused right from the fire at Nandaram Market in Burrabazar to the ones in the tanaries and slums in Topsia.


      Few years ago Mars came near to the orbit of earth. Before the stipulated day, Subhas Sastri alerted people that viral fever and conjunctivitis will spread severely for the Mars. His prediction was true to the last word.


      Before the last assembly election in West Bengal, Subhas Sastri predicted firmly in a T.V. programme that the ruling C.P.M. Party will come back to power with overwhelming majority. The ultimate result was true. C.P.M Party won 235 seats out of 294.


3rd April- Subhas Sastri

declares that the 2011

Assembly Polls in West Bengal will be in favour

of Opposition led by

Smt. Mamata Bannerjee & the Ruling Coalition will be defeated.

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